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Joining Production Team of SERIALS @ The Flea

Pleased to announce that I've officially joined the production team of SERIALS @ The Flea! SERIALS is a late-night, raucous theater competition in which 5 ten-minute plays go in, and only 3 come out - all depending on the audience's votes.

In addition to co-producing, I'll be hosting the show every other month along with Matt Stango.

SERIALS is debuting a new group of playwrights this summer. Each week's plays will be written by one of ELEVEN fantastic writers, who are now in residence at the Flea, each partaking in the SERIALS Writer's Room. I'm proud to have pitched this concept to the Artistic and Producing Directors at the theater, and to have had the pleasure to see this idea come to fruition!

Full SERIALS Writer's Room press release HERE.

Come see me in my current SERIAL (Episode 2 playing June 14-16th) by


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